PAL/SECAM translations are available for $15 per video.


Producing a Tufted Carpet - Beginning with the raw materials as they arrive at the carpet mill, tour through the operations of spinning, twisting, heatsetting, tufting, beck and continuous dyeing, printing, finishing, and shearing. This 20 minute educational video will be a useful learning experience about the carpet industry. $50.00. Shipping USA $5.00, Overseas $15.00


Carpet Fiber Facts - How will nylon BCF, nylon staple, polyester, polypropylene, and wool fibers perform when used in carpet? Knowing the basic characteristics of these fibers will help you choose the correct fiber for any application. $40.00. Shipping USA $5.00, Overseas $15.00


How to Handle A Retail Floor Covering Complaint - Lew Migliore has developed a training tape to assist with the procedures to follow when a retail store is called about a complaint.  This video will show you how to prevent complaints, how to deal with them when they appear and how to resolve complaints.  A video outline, a Standard Claims policy and a sample After Sales Customer Service Report for use in the field is included with the video.  $59.95.  Shipping USA $5.00, Overseas $15.00


Troubleshooting Complaints & Claims Videotape Set - Four videos designed to help you identify and understand complaints and problems typical to the carpet industry -- three segments describe how similar problems can be caused by manufacturing, installation, or the end user. Narrated by Lew Migliore, the tapes show identifiable characteristics and describe why problems occur.
Subjects are broadly categorized as: 
  • Structural Integrity of the Product
  • The Many Aspects of Color Related Problems
  • Surface Blemishes, Flaws, and Physical Defects
  • Soiling and Appearance Changes
Individual tape (20-25 mins.) 


Four videotape set


Shipping USA 1 tape $5.00; 2-5 tapes $10.00

Overseas 1 tape $5.00; 2-5 tapes $35.00

Great tool used with Handling a Retail Floor Covering Complaint  and The Customer Service Report.


The Keys to Retail Carpet Selling - This video demonstrates a successful sale -- from qualifying customers to closing the sale, how to use product knowledge and increasing the order. Learn how to question the customer to discover their preferences, upgrade a customer's selection of carpet, increase the quantity sold, and become the carpet expert in your territory. This video sells for $50.00. Shipping USA $5.00, Overseas $15.00.  Also available in Spanish!


Producing a Man-Made Extruded Fiber - The extrusion process is examined in a non technical manner. This video explains the manufacturing process for converting polymer chips into BCF nylon and polypropylene carpet yarn. $40.00. Shipping USA $5.00, Overseas $15.00


Retail Carpet Sales Training - This eleven tape training program covers "the basics" of selling to the consumer. Excellent for use in group sales training meetings. Subjects covered: Greeting and Qualifying, Measuring, Why Customers Leave, Selection and Demonstration, Dress, Personal Attitudes & Company Relationships, Follow-Up Before & After the Sale, Prospecting and Keeping Track. The set includes 11 videos for $475.00. Individual tapes are $55.00 each.  Shipping per video USA $5.00, Overseas $15.00.  Shipping per set USA $10.00, overseas $45.00
  • Greeting & Qualifying

  • Win, Win, Win

  • Measuring Carpet

  • Carpet Calculations

  • Tips for Selling

  • Why Customers Leave

  • Basics of Selling & Closing

  • Prospecting & Keeping Track

  • Selection & Demonstration

  • Follow-Up Before & After

  • Dress, Attitude & Company Relations


Consumer's Guide to Selecting Carpet - This video is a point of purchase sales aid designed to quickly show consumers the truth behind warranty language and offer tips for selecting carpet. Designed for use at the retail store. $39.95  Shipping per video USA $5.00, Overseas $15.00


Warranties:  Oh What a Tangled Web  - Narrated by Lew Migliore, this videotape exposes warranties by defining practical expectations for a carpet, what the warranties actually promise compared to the consumer's expectations and how they can be made more realistic.  $59.95  Shipping per video USA $5.00, Overseas $15.00


Carpet Installation - Demonstrations of actual installations covering everything from floor preparation to seaming, pattern matching, borders, and stairs. Topics include Residential Installation I & II, Commercial Installation, Tools & Their Uses. Available in English or in Spanish. Four videos $350.00; Individual videos $100.00 each. Shipping per video USA $5.00, Overseas $15.00.  Shipping per set USA $10.00, Overseas $25.00


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